Skyscraping - Christian Wolfarth - Acoustic Solo Percussion - Vol. 1 (Vinyl)

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  1. German mastering & cutting facility based in Berlin, founded by Basic Channel in and run by Christoph Grote-Beverborg. Also credited (in vinyl etchings or credits) as: D&M - D+M - D+M Berlin - DAm - Dubplates - Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin Current and past mastering and cutting engineers: Christoph Grote-Beverborg.
  2. Christian Wolfarth - acoustic solo percussion - vol. 1 (hiddenbell) As it happens, another solo percussion release graced my quarters around the same time as the Beins, though this is a very different affair. Among other things, it's a 45rpm, 7" (bright red) vinyl offering.
  3. Dec 28,  · Christian Wolfarth - Acoustic Solo Percussion, vol. 2 (hidden bell) The second 7" vinyl release from Wolfarth, two new (if brief) explorations. Given their presumed acoustic-ness, it's fun to figure out exactly how he's generating sounds here. On "Elastic Stream", one assumes bowed or otherwise rubbed surfaces, both drum-head and metal, but the.
  4. Christian Wolfarth "Acoustic Solo Percussion - Vol. 1" [7"]激オススメのシリーズ。Evan Parker、Jason Kahnを含む著名フリー系作家のサポートで知られるスイスのドラマーChristian Wolfarthによるプライベート7インチシリーズ。レッドカラーヴァイナルのVol.1。シンバルの弓弾き演奏から発せられる図太い七色ドローン.
  5. This is ambient music with the big A. Deep synthesizer movements, bits of crackling, vinyl hiss. With the thunder rolling outside every now and then, but no rain and still warm inside (doors are open), it mixes nicely with the ambience of Orluk. Spacious music of course, which is best enjoyed at a hot summer night - like tonight.
  6. The Volume Settings Folder "Hothocleana" [CD-R] 1,円 Label: No Label ドイツoscarsonからのソロ音源[Laguna]がとにかく秀逸な出来だった、イタリアのギタリストであるM.
  7. カラービニールの7インチにて発表されていたスイスのドラマーChristian Wolfarthによる傑作プライベート Christian Wolfarth "Acoustic Solo Percussion - Vol. 1" [7"] 1,円.
  8. acoustic solo percussion volume & Remixes Christian Wolfarth. hiddenbell records 6 / Doppel-CD released: acoustic solo percussion vol. 1 Christian Wolfarth. hiddenbell records 1 / 7" Vinyl released: Zürich, SOLD OUT! CHF Snake's Eye.

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