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  1. The most novel feature, and one the importance of which most ornithologists of the present day are fully prepared to admit, is the separation of the class A y es into two great divisions, which from one of the most obvious distinctions they present were called by its author Carinatae' and Ratitae, 2 according as the sternum possesses a keel (crista in the phraseology of many anatomists) or not.
  2. This is how the Present day goes in Dinolantis: The Lost Dinosaur Kingdom. (Later in the present day we see the view of New York City, then we see the Museum of Natural History) Max Taylor: We made it, the Museum of Natural History! Alexa: So much energy like Ash does. Zoe Drake: Yeah, he sure does. Serena: I can't wait to see everything in the Museum of Natural History.
  3. Present-day definition, current; modern: present-day techniques; present-day English. See more.
  4. The present value, also known as the present discounted value uses an input known as the "discount rate." We express the discount rate as a percentage, and it is used to calculate the PV. And while the calculation is exact (a change of one day changes the calculated result), the present value itself is a personal number.
  5. The Present Day story revolves around you reliving Edward's life and trying to find out what is so important in his life that Abstergo wants to know, as you progess through the story you will soon.
  6. Definition of the present day in the Idioms Dictionary. the present day phrase. What does the present day expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.
  7. Antonyms for present-day include antiquated, archaic, dated, fusty, musty, oldfangled, old-fashioned, old-time, out-of-date and past. Find more opposite words at tiocossladnahosolfenisdespvacuten.coinfo!
  8. Synonyms for present day include here and now, now, present, this day and age, today, moment, nonce, time being, present time and present moment. Find more similar words at tiocossladnahosolfenisdespvacuten.coinfo!
  9. ‘For present-day society in the Arab nation that is not the case.’ ‘It is true that present-day river courses are not wholly natural.’ ‘Despite all the attractions of present-day living it is good to see the old traditions still strong in the area.’ ‘The present-day education system hardly resolves the prejudices against the.

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